How To Add Blog Posts To Your Website

Logging In

After you have received your login details from us, proceed to the login page of your website; you can get there by typing in your website URL and adding /wp-admin at the end. For example:

The login page section will look like this

Accessing Your Posts

Once logged in you’ll see a dashboard to your left like this image –  go to Posts and you’ll see a list of all the posts on your website. To create a new post click Add New.

If you want to edit an existing post, hover over the post in the list and click edit.

Creating Your Post

You will see a simple interface where you can add a title and text below it just like this image. You can start writing your text content here straight away.

To add an image to your post, click on the plus icon to the right of the text block (usually below your text), then select Image. This will bring up a window prompting you to upload, select this option to upload directly from your computer, you can ignore the other options. After uploading your image, it will display as a new block on your post. 

If you want to display the image before your text content or after your title, simply click on the image and select the move up arrow icon on the top action bar (see next image); this will move the image up & before your text content. You can do this with any block to arrange the content how you like, whether it’s text, image or video.

Video Content

Follow the previous procedure if you want to include video in your posts, but select Video instead of Images when creating a new content block. Keep in mind for website elements like blog posts you want to keep the resolution for video at a maximum of 1980x1080p, be sure to re-export or compress the file to this resolution if you have content that goes up to 4k. 720p is even better in this context. For compressing video files we can recommend the freeware compressor Handbrake for quick and easy use.

Publishing Your Post

Once you are finished blogging, don’t forget to publish your post by clicking the publish button in the top right corner of the browser window like in this image:

You can also select Save Draft if you want to finish your post later before it goes live. Once published you will receive a small prompt in the bottom left of the screen where you can quickly view your new post.

This concludes our guide, If you have any trouble with any of these steps or have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at: